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Once again, Iím changing things up a little bit in this section.My old ĎTop Tení and then my later ĎTop However-Manyí approaches are both feeling tedious and restrictive to me these days.All I really want to do is tell you what movies I liked best, and then maybe tell you why, if I can muster the time and energy.So Iím not going with a ranked list this time, and Iím not calling it ĎTopí anythingóbecause there are a lot of 2011 movies I havenít seen yet that I might ultimately consider better than these.And who knows, maybe in a month or a year or a decade Iíll reconsider the merits of some of these films, too.Iím just going to say these are some movies from 2011 that I think are really good.


As Iíve said before, probably too many times, what I seek most hungrily in cinema is inspiration.A movie that does not try to feed that hunger, a movie that lacks vision and ambition and imagination, a movie that does not strive somehow toward something new and bigger than itselfÖ.well, still might be a perfectly good film.But itís not going to be one of my favorites.And conversely, a movie that does so strive might end up on my favorites list in spite of noticeable flaws; there is much I will forgive a film if itís willing to take a real shot at inspiring me.Thatís how I am, what can I do?


Without further ado, my list of favoritesófor the moment.When possible, I provide a link to my own review of the film. But since I didnít get full reviews written for all of them, a couple link to other useful critiques.



SOME REALLY GOOD MOVIES OF 2011 (in alphabetical order)

Another Earth


The Descendants

Martha Marcy May Marlene


Take Shelter



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